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“고니아"는 10년 이상의 즉흥음악을 연주해 온 재즈 밴드로 수준 높은 연주력으로 정평이 나있다. 그들이 장구 연주가를 만나서 한국의 리듬을 심도 깊게 연구하였다. 그리고 그들은 장구와 재즈가 혼합된 잼(JAM)수준의 결합이 아니라, 국악 리듬을 기본으로 하는 새로운 음악인 K-Jazz를 완성시켜가고 있다. "고니아"는 단순하지만 직선적이고 격렬한 장구의 리듬에 화려한 선율이 더해진 완성도 높은 한국 특유의 애스노 재즈를 들려준다.   

Gonia is a jazz group with a sophisticated understanding of Korean rhythms and high-level performances. The group has already proved itself on the jazz scene and is drawing attention at home and abroad through in-depth research on Korean rhythms and collaboration with traditional Korean instruments.

Based on the simple traditional Korean rhythms on the janggu, Gonia has created a new style of K-jazz. In November 2020, Gonia’s fifth album, A Tension, was released and nominated for the Crossover Album category of the 18th Korean Popular Music Awards, where it received recognition for its value and achievements.

The breath of Gutgeori, the joy of Jajinmori, and the dynamism that comes from Whimori are harmonized with improvisation, and the beauty of jazz to create Gonia’s unique sound and drives the band’s activity not only in Korea but also abroad.


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