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Dongyang Gozupa


동양고주파는 함민휘(베이스), 장도혁(퍼커션)과 윤은화(양금)로 구성된 프로그래시브 락 밴드이다. 소규모의 구성이지만 이들이 뿜어내는 에너지는 무척이나 강렬하다. 베이스와 퍼커션의 탄탄한 리듬 위에 선율 타악기 양금의 동양적인 음색과 선율이 어우러져서 아름답고, 화려하며 독창적인 음악을 만들어 낸다. 낯설지만 새로운 국악 포스트 록. 범주와 한계를 규정할 수 없는 멋진 사운드를 담아 2018년 첫 번째 EP앨범 "틈", 2019년 10월 첫 정규앨범 "곡면"을 발표하였고, 2022년 두번째 정규앨범 "결"을 발표하였다. ​


“Dongyang Gozupa” is a progressive rock band based on Korean Traditional Music with Yanggeum (Korean hammered dulcimer), bass and percussion. Dohyuk JANG, a Percussionist of a rock band that won the Korean Popular Music Awards, started the band with Eunhwa YUN, a top-notch Yanggeum player. Recently, bassist Minhui HAM known for his creative performance, joined as a new bass player.


It is not easy to express their music in one genre. Their music incorporates various elements such as progressive rock, post-rock, and traditional music. They play a splendid and speedy performance with very strong sounds.


Thanks to their outstanding performance, they were selected in music markets such as PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul) and Seoul Music Week in 2019 and received favorable reviews. And in 2020-2021, “Dongyang Gozupa” is selected for the World Music Expo, a globally important event.

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